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One Stop Window Cleaning 

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16326 El Moliono Court
Fontana, California 92335
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Established in 2017, One Stop Window Cleaning is a leader in commercial and residential window cleaning with a key focus on customer satisfaction. A special emphasis is placed on our service as we strive to offer a safe, consistent and stimulating work environment.
We service large commercial properties and venues with intricate detail, such as the Recreation Center located on Pechanga’s Indian Reservation and Edwards Mansion, located in Redlands, CA.
Headquartered in Fontana California, our firm offers service excellence using the latest innovations and technologies in the window cleaning industry. We use our 4-stage streak-free pure water system combined with our Hi-Mod carbon fiber water-fed pole and brush to reach windows up to 7 stories high without having to leave the ground. This not only reduces the liability and risk of using boom lifts and suspension equipment, but it also allows us to clean the windows more thoroughly than the traditional method.


Robert Yermasek